Industries we are active in

Specialized solutions for every industry

We are committed to achieving excellence in the manufacture and supply of Gaskets, Seals and Industrial Components.  With over 25 years experience in a large range of products to suit a large range of industries, we have the expertise to advise, design, develop and manufacture to suit all industries imaginable.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure products are fit for purpose and meet the required standards. We use industry leading equipment and manufacturing techniques and carry a large range of quality products and brands, ensuring quality products fast. 

Food & Dairy

The Health & Safety demands of the Food and Dairy industries are constantly increasing, requiring suppliers to meet more stringent standards for their products. This is why Better Industrial places Quality, Integrity & Compliance above all else the in goods we supply to the Food & Dairy industries.  We work with our customers ensuring we meet the necessary national and international standards.

Manufacturing & OEM's

We are proud to have worked alongside some of NZs leading manufacturers, providing solutions and improvements to their design ideas, along with providing quality and consistent components on time, ensuring they can always meet their production deadlines. We are always happy to work with clients to ensure they meet international standards and certification.

Oil & Gas

The challenges associated with working within the Oil and Gas Industry are significant with stringent requirements to meet Health and Safety and environmental obligations, making this a demanding market. Experience and commitment to working within tight deadlines and rigorous quality standards are a major part of Better Industrial’s service.

Energy Generation

The Energy Generation Industry faces many challenges across multiple production activities. High-quality sealing products are a must for process safety and Better Industrial has the products needed to meet these demands, whether Hydro, Steam, Wind, Solar or Thermal power plants. Commitment to working within tight deadlines and rigorous standards is a major part of Better Industrial’s service.


Better Industrial manufactures and distributes high quality and effective components and materials for manufacturers of electronic & electrical equipment and enclosures including seals and gaskets.  Quality, safety and efficiency are integral to our core values and operation. We have the materials, quality, experience, processes and services to ensure you’re well taken care of.

Processing Plants

Better Industrial delivers innovative sealing technology and solutions for all processing plants and equipment.  Our solutions are designed for both safety and productivity for the variety of equipment used within these facilities. The range of solutions for processing plant & equipment is varied and demanding - we have the materials and expertise to provide top quality solutions for this industry.

Infrastructure & Construction

A long service life, performance and reliability can be found in all our products and solutions for district heating, water and wastewater treatment applications.  Pipeline installations are a large part of many construction projects we have the products and resources to meet your project requirements and can meet regulations and standards for drinking (potable) water, including AS/NZ4020:2002 and WSA109 2011 (Table 2.1).

Engineering, Maintenance & Machinery

This sector benefits from our high-quality, innovative products and their long service life. We provide technical solutions for operating under extreme conditions. Better Industrial manufacture and distribute high quality engineering rubber products, parts and materials and engineering plastics, parts, components and materials to a vast range of industries. Our work is field-proven, and our friendly staff are ready to help.

Refrigeration & HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, AirCon)

Better Industrial manufactures and distributes high quality products, parts and materials for the Refrigeration & HVAC industry to cover a diverse range of applications. Our range includes custom manufactured parts, Insulation, Filter Foam, gaskets & seals, sponge and solid rubber sheeting.