Discover gasket excellence at Better Industrial. Featuring world-leading brands like Klingersil and Garlock, our selection includes Metallic, Fibre, Graphite, PTFE, and more. Whether standard or custom, we have the solutions you need for reliable sealing. Contact us today and experience the difference with Better Industrial.


For top-quality rubber sheeting, trust Better Industrial. Our products are crafted from premium materials, ensuring durability and reliability for your applications. From chemical resistance to UV protection, we offer a range of options including adhesive backing and bespoke components. Elevate your projects with us. 


For versatile solutions in filtration, sealing, and beyond, turn to Better Industrial. Our comprehensive range includes both open and closed-cell materials tailored to meet various application needs. Whether you need sheeting with or without adhesive backing, bespoke components, or tape, we've got you covered.


For a comprehensive selection of PTFE products, look no further than Better Industrial. Our extensive range includes 100%, Expanded, and Modified PTFE products available in various forms such as sheet, tape, finished components, gaskets, and washers. With brands like Gylon and Teflex.

Customized Solutions

This is where we excel!  Our extensive knowledge and flexibility allow us to work in with customers, whether it be short production runs, large production runs, maintenance shut downs or product design & development.
We have a strong and trusted reputation for supplying our customers with top quality products, meeting deadlines and providing product certification where required.

Overnight Delivery

We are known for our fast dispatch, and wherever possible we aim for overnight delivery

Useful Information

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We offer a range of certification and traceability options to meet your requirements

R & D

Do you have an idea?  A product you're currently prototyping?  We'd love to help!