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Discover the power of tanged graphite with Better Industrial. Our high-quality tanged graphite sheets are engineered for exceptional performance in demanding industrial applications. Offering superior resistance to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and pressure, our tanged graphite is the ultimate solution for sealing and gasketing needs. With precise manufacturing and stringent quality control measures, we ensure reliability and durability in every sheet. Trust Better Industrial for top-of-the-line tanged graphite that delivers unparalleled performance and peace of mind for your industrial operations
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About Better Industrial

Better Industrial takes a forward thinking, customer driven approach to service providing the best solutions for Industrial and OEM applications for over 30 years.

Welcome to Better Industrial – your go-to destination for premium industrial solutions. Specializing in import, export, and fabrication, we offer a wide range of materials including rubber, foam, PTFE, and fluid sealing products. With our commitment to excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering fast and reliable service. Experience efficiency like never before with our same-day service and swift turnaround times. Partner with Better Industrial for all your industrial needs and unlock success with speed and quality.

Custom Solutions

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  • Custom Gaskets

  • Custom Rubber Sheeting

  • Custom Foam designs

Our unparalleled expertise and adaptability enable seamless collaboration with customers, catering to diverse needs including short or large production runs, maintenance shutdowns, and product design & development. Renowned for our reliability, we consistently deliver top-quality products, meeting deadlines with certified materials. Trust Better Industrial for your industrial needs and unlock success with our commitment to quality and efficiency, backed by a strong and trusted reputation

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We have a proud history of supplying Sealing Products, Industrial Gaskets & Washers and Fabricated Components to a number of leading companies within New Zealand and around the world


Discover the expertise of Better Industrial, where we've proudly partnered with countless companies over the years, delivering tailored solutions to meet precise requirements. Whether it's rapid product prototyping, urgent gasket needs, or immediate assistance during breakdowns, our team excels. With our commitment to excellence and same-day delivery options for gaskets, we ensure your projects stay on track. Contact us today to discuss how our comprehensive services can elevate your operations to the next level!