Natural Rubber

Available with or without nylon cloth insertion, our Natural Rubber is a low cost option that has extra tensile strength and a high resilience to non-aggressive media, such as water and effluent. Not recommended for oils, fuels or UV exposure.

Maximum Temperature:
 70°C (approx)


Neoprene rubber is one of the most popular forms of rubber due to its excellent sealing abilities and oil resistance capabilities. Available with or without nylon cloth insertion. Provides moderate resistance to oils and fuels, also resistant to UV and effluents.
Maximum Temperature: 90°C (approx)

Black Nitrile

A rubber sheet with good mechanical properties, including mechanical strength and good general resistance to oil, petrol, diesel and LPG.
Black Nitrile is not suitable for use in antioxidant agents and chlorine.

Maximum Temperature:
 110°C (approx)

White Nitrile

Recommended for use in the dairy industry & food processing industries.  Good resistance to products associated with the dairy industry, including CIP washes. Independently tested and certified to meet FDA 21 CFR177-2600, European EC1935/2004 and REACH regulations.
Maximum Temperature: 100°C (approx)

Black EPDM

Recommended for outdoor use, as it is extremely resistant to oxidation, UV rays and ozone.  Is shows a good resistance to many chemicals, solvents and corrosive chemicals, however, EPDM does not have good oil resistance.

Maximum Temperature:
120°C (approx)

White EPDM

Recommended for use in the dairy industry & food processing industries.  Resistant to most products associated with the dairy & food manufacturing processes, including CIP washes. Certified to meet FDA 21 CFR177.2600, European EC1935/2004 and REACH regulations.
Maximum Temperature: 120°C (approx)

Potable EPDM

Premium grade Blue Potable Water EPDM rubber that has been independently tested & certified for use in contact with drinking water. Meets AS/NZ 4020:2002 standards. Excellent chemical, steam & hot water resistance. Easily identifiable in applications due to blue colour.
Maximum Temperature: 70°C (approx)


Silicon provides excellent electrical insulation and resistance to animal & vegetable oils, diluted acids, UV light, ozone, water absorption and oxidation. Suitable for the dairy & food processing industries. Not suitable for acids, alkalis, esters or ketones.
Maximum Temperature: 250°C (approx)

Viton A (FKM)

High resistance to heat with good flame resistance, oxygen, ozone, natural weathering, compression and solvents & chemicals, including chlorinated chemicals, acids, alkalis & oxidants. Not suitable for ketones, ethers or lacquer solvents.

Maximum Temperature: 275°C (approx)

Custom Solutions

This is where we excel!  Our extensive knowledge and flexibility allow us to work in with customers, whether it be short production runs, large production runs, maintenance shut downs or product design & development.
We have a strong and trusted reputation for supplying our customers with top quality products, meeting deadlines and providing certified materials.