Product Development, Flexibility & Fast Turnaround

We work with our customers to provide quality solutions

Standard Flange Gaskets

We stock a full range of flange gaskets to cover all applications and industries. If it’s not in stock, we can usually manufacture and dispatch same day.

Rubber Strips

We can provide cut rubber strips with or without nylon insertion from our large range of stocks.  Most sizes can be achieved and can also be supplied with or without adhesive backing.  


Any size or any shape available. With a range of manufacturing techniques, we can manufacture to suit your needs. Small or large runs - order just one or millions!

Bespoke Gaskets & Components

Not everything comes standard or is available off the shelf. Send us your drawing or idea and we will turn it into a finished product.  No minimum order requirements.

Scanning & Digitizing

If you have a sample or an idea we can turn it into a CAD file or cut file for you.  We have a large flatbed scanner and the design expertise to bring your idea to reality.

Parts Catalogue

Once we have your parts listed on file, these can be assigned a part number along with material and other critical information making your reordering process effortless.

Wall Flashings

Standard range available as well as custom solutions available. Large range of materials to suit most applications Including food/dairy safe options.

Purge Kits and Bungs

Standard Kits and Rubbers (Bungs) available to suit Dairy Tube, Schedule 10 & Schedule 40 pipe or we can custom manufacture to meet your needs.

Contract Cutting

We offer high quality, precision cutting services.  Your design, your material, we do the rest.  From intricate cut components to punching holes, you can be sure of 100% accuracy and fast turnaround.

Dressing Sets

To suit most applications and industries, please send us your requirements whether it’s for potable water, waste water or food grade applications.


For connecting tubes and transitions we can usually fabricate a solution to meet your needs from our large range of products.


Using open cell foams, we manufacture filters to suit a large range of applications, such as, compressed air, vacuum, industrial equipment, HVAC and pressurized cabinets.

Manufacturing & Production

We use a range of specialized machinery and equipment for the production of components and gaskets, to ensure accuracy and speed.

Adhesive Backing

We can apply a quality double sided tape to most of our products, whether it be finished components, washers, strips, sheet or gaskets.

Food Safe

We work with a large range of food safe (certified) products. If you are needing to meet industry standards, ask how we can help.

International Stds

In this fast moving and constantly changing environment, talk to us early in the process and we will work with you and our Suppliers to ensure your products are compliant.