Quality Solutions for the Health Care industry

Our customer is one of New Zealand's top manufacturing companies supplying a leading exporter of health care innovation and technology.  During the process of developing a new product for the industry, the company was purchasing rubber sheet from one of Better Industrial's competitors, applying an adhesive backing themselves, then outsourcing the cutting of components to another company.  Due to the inferior quality of the rubber sheeting being supplied, there were a large number of rejected components leading to delays and frustrations during the prototyping and production processes.

Better Industrial was contacted and as we use and supply only the best quality rubber sheet, we were able to manufacture the Nitrile Rubber components using the latest cutting technology from Europe and supply a top quality finished product with the applicable certification required.

Our customer is now able to manage their stock levels with the confidence of knowing they can trust Better Industrial to supply high quality products on time, every time, saving money and stress with no rejects.