Tanged Graphite

Pure exfoliated graphite with a tanged 316 stainless steel reinforcement for improved blow-out resistance.
Minimum Temp: -200°C.
Maximum Temp: +500°C (dry) or +650°C (steam)
Maximum Pressure: 140bar (2030psi)

Foil Graphite

Pure exfoliated graphite with a 316 stainless steel foil reinforcement for improved handling characteristics.

Minimum Temp:
Maximum Temp: +500°C (dry) or +650°C (steam)
Maximum Pressure: 140bar (2030psi)

Custom Solutions

This is where we excel!  Our extensive knowledge and flexibility allow us to work in with customers, whether it be short production runs, large production runs, maintenance shut downs or product design & development.
We have a strong and trusted reputation for supplying our customers with top quality products, meeting deadlines and providing certified materials.