Oil Jointing

Oil Jointing is a cellulose vegetable fibre based material.  It is designed with a glue-glycerin binder to withstand oils, water, alcohol, grease, gas, petrol and most solvents. It is a very economical material, but not suitable for acids, alkalis or steam. It is commonly used for low temperature (less than 150°C) automotive applications.

Cork ACN60

Premium quality nitrile based gasket material with excellent oil and fuel resistance, manufactured from a combination of tough & durable cork granules. Has elastomeric properties and fuel resistance of NBR (Nitrile). Excellent compressive & tensile strength; recommended for up to 125ºC & 10 bar pressure max.

Cork - Nebar Grey

A medium stiffness nitrile gasket designed to meet ABB specifications for transformers.  A high quality pure nitrile gasket which can also be used in general industry where good resistance is required to mineral lubricating and hydraulic oils and greases, diesel oils and fuels, animal and vegetable oils, alcohols, antifreeze, detergents, water and a wide range of aqueous media.

Plastic Shim

Plastic Shim is high quality with excellent wear resistance and tightly controlled thicknesses. It exhibits excellent toughness, impact strength and dielectric strength. Our Plastic Shim is colour coded according to thickness and is widely used for spacing, mounting and gaskets. Plastic Shim sheet can be accurately cut, has good UV resistance and long term performance.

Industrial Felt

We stock A grade felts with a density of 0.30g/cm³. Felt is strong enough to be used in heavy machinery or sensitive enough to work in the finest piano. Because of wool's innate nature, felt is naturally heat retardant. Applications include seals, isolators, wicks and filters. Felt is durable, resilliant and will not fray.

Custom Solutions

This is where we excel!  Our extensive knowledge and flexibility allow us to work in with customers, whether it be short production runs, large production runs, maintenance shut downs or product design & development.
We have a strong and trusted reputation for supplying our customers with top quality products, meeting deadlines and providing certified materials.